About Us

Cybersoft has been in the offshore outsourcing business for over 24+ years. From simple offshore data entry for Clients in the United States, Cybersoft has evolved to doing complex, client-centric tasks and processes.

Consistent quality and reliability made us earn the trust and confidence of our Clientele that they themselves request we take over their business and strategic knowledge process outsourcing needs.

Many of our outsourcing projects are specialized and non-traditional: production of title insurance reports, determining newsworthy articles, and property insurance claims appraisal and replacement search, to name a few.

Cybersoft utilizes a Best Shore methodology to maximize production resources and expertise from our offices in San Francisco, Manila and Beijing. This enables us to tailor high quality, cost-effective solutions to our Clientele who want to benefit from a strong, reliable global workforce.

We believe that through an unrelenting and uncompromising pursuit of quality and reliability, our Clients will continue to see us more than just their outsourcing suppliers—we are their business solutions partner!