Cybersoft Integrated Geo Informatics, Inc. (CIGI)

Cybersoft Integrated Geo Informatics, Inc. (CIGI)

CIGI was established in 1986 as Cybersoft Information Technologies, Inc. (CITI) to provide training and systems integration services in the Philippines. We started offering our offshore data entry services under CITI in 1988.

CIGI is now the leader in the Philippines on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mobile location-based services. CIGI also has the largest collection of privately-owned digital map data for the country.

CIGI has developed a number of specialized GIS products namely:

MyGlobe Tracker -- a mobile tracking system where users send SMS messages to find out the location of family members and friends, establishments, street intersections and landmarks. It can also send a map image to a mobile phone, if needed.

CyberTrack -- a software that accurately tracks vehicles using GPS. It is accessible through a mobile phone or on the Internet. CyberTrack provides the name, date, time, description, and location of the vehicle at different intervals. It can also give additional information such as ignition sensing, door open alarms and position reporting from client-defined waypoints.

CyberAce -- a system that gives out various pertinent data relating to customer behavior including an area's population density, its vehicular traffic flow and presence of institutions/establishments that produce crowds (hospitals, churches, schools, offices, terminals etc.). The data can be used for demographic and market analysis, site selection, and media placement, among others.

LGU Plus -- a GIS-enabled software that can be used as a Real Property Tax Assessment System (RPTAS), Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS) and Billing and Collection System. It can also be customized to include a Document Management System, Board Resolutions, Ordinances Database System and as a Civil Registry System. -- a website that provides geographic display and intelligent query capabilities with a simple and intuitive interface. Visitors to the site are immediately given access to a portion of the special database that Cybersoft has been accumulating over the past decade. is a showcase to the corporate world that it is easier, faster and more economical to implement a GIS over the internet.

CIGI is also engaged in geocoding as well as the conversion of paper maps and drawings (architectural, civil, etc.) to digital vector formats. Among the conversions we did were: facilities maps of a large telephone company and water utility companies; parcel maps of government units; architectural drawings of residences and school libraries, and engineering drawings for an electric utility company.