Health Care

Medical Transcription

For the last 13+ years, we provide medical transcription services to hospitals and clinics in the United States. TTSI also provides outsourced transcription services to US MT companies. We produce more than 1 million lines per month using 120 seats production system. All our medical transcriptionists are graduates of different medical fields.


We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide turnaround times of 4 to 18 hours. Our facilities, operations management and network security protocols are all HIPAA compliant.

Online Hospital Records Sorting

Hospitals produce voluminous amounts of documents every day. For easy storage and retrieval, these documents are scanned and electronically archived. Working from our offshore facilities, we review these electronic documents and essentially sort and "file" them into individualized "inboxes" to create a completely "paperless environment".

This "paperless environment" system is currently being implemented in large medical facilities that use various types of documents ranging from:

  • Reports

  • Charts

  • Billing information

  • and other medical records

Independent Medical Examination Reports (IMEs)

The Independent Medical Examination Reports are usually forms and checklists filled out by doctors doing the exams usually with notes written on the sides of the forms to complete their medical review and observations. We transform these forms into actual full-text medical reports using predetermined templates.