Legal Industry

Legal Industry

Mortgage Backed Securitization Analysis Reports

What we do

Cybersoft provides quality MBSA reports to customers who are in need of a product that provides insight and basis which can eventually undertake legal action either in favor of or against banks and servicing companies who hold them accountable through a foreclosure process.

We do the work for you

Rather than lining up in law firms and lenders or going through the long, tedious process yourself, we do it for you as accurately as possible, without wasting any of your time. Our MBSA reports capture and produce factual findings from the original closing of the loan through the myriad steps in the substitutions of trustees, assignments if they were recorded, the notices of default or trustee sale, and identify the entity undertaking the foreclosure in the name of the noteholder.

What we guarantee you

This report is designed to inform the homeowner, law firm, lender or servicer and provide their attorneys factual basis for legal action. It is our goal to maintain the highest level of standards and we guarantee you that our factual findings are supported by documentation and data.

How we do it for you:

A large number of counties in the United States utilize an automated Official Records System. Images of these official records are indexed prior to insertion into the system. The indexing process requires us to perform Page to Document association prior to capturing information such as:

  • Our Chain of Title information is searched and validated at the county level to ensure accuracy. It is also cross checked and scrubbed using additional subscription based data services as needed.
  • Our financial data subscriptions that acquire loan servicing information from lenders and servicers is a standard data source and included in our product costs
  • Our manpower complement and systematic processing enables us to scale based upon demand.
  • We publish Service Level Agreements that guide our performance and and closely monitor and track each metric to ensure accurate, consistent and timely deliveries
  • Our Quality Control process ensures each report generated is subjected to multiple checks by our Quality Assurance Analysts throughout our process.
  • It is important to note that our analyses are based exclusively on the documentation provided and information available through public searches and in some cases subscriptions to financial reporting sites.
  • Our cost per report is unmatched in the market based on content, quality, accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

Litigation Support

Cybersoft provides Litigation and Case Management Support services for law firms dealing with large-volume cases involving class actions, anti-trust, criminal, environmental, discrimination, product liability, banking, construction, securities and insurance coverage (to name a few). Using Electronic Data Discovery (eDiscovery), our litigation support helps attorneys and law firms enhance their efficiency and response time by providing a systematic, standardized organization of documents for efficient data retrieval.

Our services include the following:

  1. Document analysis (unitization)

  2. Document coding (bibliographic & in-text / enhanced information)

    • Bibliographic - capturing basic searchable fields like author, title, recipient, dates, etc.

    • In-Text - a more comprehensive capture of mentioned names and companies within the document

  3. Full-text abstracts of legal documents and evidentiary material

  4. Creation of intelligent and custom indexes and databases on a secure repository

  5. Contract abstraction services-creating abstracts of key contract clauses, as well as databases for easy storage and retrieval to facilitate efficient contract management

Legal Transcription

Our Service

Cybersoft offers your organization definite and extensive documentation of your requirements that meet and exceed critical key result areas in accuracy, turnaround time and customer service levels. Cybersoft offers your organization definite and extensive documentation of your requirements that meet and exceed critical key result areas in accuracy, turnaround time and customer service levels.

We offer transcription of oral- argument litigation recordings for our clients. These recordings come in audio and/or video formats. We then use the FTP for file transfers as per the client's requirement.

We listen to our client's needs as we adjust and adapt to whatever they need. transcription platform given the appropriate training. We provide our clients a turn-around time of 24 hours and hand them the finished , transcribed documents on a daily basis. We make sure that every work given to us is done perfectly, providing accuracy and quality service to our clients.

These are just some examples of what kind of data that we transcribe:

  • Letters
  • Client Interviews
  • General Correspondence
  • Memoranda
  • Proceedings
  • General Correspondence
  • Court Proceedings and Hearings
  • Oral Arguments
  • Oral Depositions

What we use

Cybersoft provides its employees with the latest technology to help them in their work and provide you with the best possible service we may offer.

  • Secure web-based Account and Dictation Administration/Monitoring
  • Electronic Signature
  • 100% Audit Trail
  • Printing and manual faxing directly from the site with easy point and click distribution
  • MD (Master Dictator) Portal to easily access and view job status from any computer
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows 7
  • Transaction Summaries in exportable CSV/Excel formats to facilitate Client Billing Process