Outsource to Manila

The Philippines has emerged as a global leader and favored destination for offshore outsourcing services and operations. This is the result of a large, well-educated English-speaking, very affordable manpower pool along with world-class infrastructure and strong government support.

The country's talented English-speaking labor pool is the product of an educational system that uses English as a medium of instruction. Combined with an inherent hardworking and resourceful work ethic, the Philippine's talent resources allow for the successful implementation of complex, non-traditional outsourcing projects.

The country has a strong telecommunications infrastructure, served by large, competing companies offering very affordable world-class service. There is readily available, inexpensive real estate space in the major metropolitan centers and the government has given considerable support to the outsourcing businesses with incentives and benefits. These all combine to ensure that the Outsourcing Industry will continue to expand and prosper in the Philippines.