County Document Processing Services

Public Documents Processing Services

Public Records Redaction

Redaction is the masking or blacking out of personal / sensitive information from public documents (such as a deed, mortgage, certificate or any vital record).

We redact millions of data elements in historical (going back about 30 years) public documents to reduce to the incidence of identity theft and related crimes.

Up to 10% of public documents contain personal and sensitive information (e.g. Social Security Number, Credit card numbers, bank account numbers). There are millions of pages of public documents that have to be redacted. Unfortunately these documents are not organized properly for easy retrieval and it cannot be predicted which documents contain what kind of personal information. With this scenario an automated approach makes sense. However, we have found out that to provide the most complete, highest quality redaction services possible, a system that combines an automated process with a manual Quality Assurance system is the best solution. Manual intervention is unavoidable because of the wide variety of document types and image quality. This is where our offshore facilities provide the most efficient, cost effective solution in huge redaction projects.


A large number of counties in the United States utilize an automated Official Records System. Images of these official records are indexed prior to insertion into the system. The indexing process requires us to perform Page to Document association prior to capturing information such as:

  • Document type
  • Recorded Book and Page number
  • Direct Parties
  • Reverse Parties

Public records include: Affidavits, Certificates, Notices, Deeds, Agreements, Suits, Liens, Judgments, UCCs, and other mortgage related documents (to name a few)