The Cybersoft Timeline


Cybersoft Timeline

1986 - Cybersoft Information Technologies, Inc. was organized as a computer training and systems development consulting company. The company (now known as Cybersoft Integrated Geo Informatics, Inc. or CIGI) leads the Philippines in Geographic Information Systems applications and mobile location-based services. CIGI also has the largest and most complete private digital road and map network for the country.

1988 - Cybersoft starts providing simple data entry services to the United States.

1988 - Cybersoft, Inc. was registered in California to serve as the marketing and liaison office for data entry services in the United States.

1992 - Cybersoft Data Networks, Inc. (now known as Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. or CCSI) was established as a separate company in the Philippines to handle data entry outsourcing operations.

2001 - Total Transcription Solutions, Inc. (TTSI) was established as a separate entity to provide offshore medical, legal and other transcription services. TTSI now delivers 1 million lines per month to its Health Care, Legal and General transcription clients.

2005 - Cybersoft Information Technology, Inc. (Beijing) was established as a joint venture in Beijing, China. In 2007, CITI (Beijing) was awarded a multi-year long term outsourcing contract by China Netcom (now merged with China Unicom) to provide location-based services and multilingual call center for the 2008 Summer Olympics. This service is now expanding to more major cities in China. CITI (Beijing) also provides us the third leg of our best shore outsourcing solution.

2009 - Cybersoft, Inc. signs an agreement with Centrealtech, Inc. (CRT) to use their One-Click System to provide Title Insurance Reports Production services utilizing a best-shore methodology.

2011 - Cybersoft embarks on a serious application development initiative focused on creating a service delivery platform. The vision and objective was to enhance the value of our services by creating a seamless method of delivering and collaborating over source documents. The platform is a web based system centered on document processing and handling. It was called PURODOCS.

2013 - Purodocs is repackaged and named Safebox. It's first major implementation was in the mortgage industry.

2013 - Cybersoft enters an agreement with the largest dollar volume broker in the United States since 2010. Which employs fourteen of the top-producing 200 (and six of the top-producing 50) loan officers in the country. Cybersoft has "empowered" it's client's staff in a paperless platform using Safebox that resulted in a increased efficiency and accuracy of their loan packages.

2013 - Cybersoft signs an agreement with one of the top ten lending companies in the United States. Cybersoft is able to provide services for the client's 30+ branches scattered across different states by using Safebox as their paperless platform for processing loan transactions.

2014 - Safebox is redesigned and optimized to add more "intelligence" into the document handling process. It is rebranded as SafeboxIQ.

2014 - Cybersoft creates another web based application intended to provide it's existing BPO services clients with a "window" to our production processes. It is called the Collaborative Activity Tracking System (CATS).