Total Transcriptions Solutions, Inc. (TTSI)

Total Transcriptions Solutions, Inc. (TTSI)

Total Transcription Solutions, Inc. (TTSI) is our Philippine-based offshore facility established in 2001 to provide medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, group and individual practices in the US. In addition, TTSI transcribes oral argument litigation proceedings as well as documentary videos, captions for movies and TV shows, counseling therapy videos and security reports. We also do Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) reports, where we create full-text reports from doctors' examination forms and notes. TTSI has a present capacity of 1 million lines per month, and looking to double this capacity this year. Our facility, operations management, and network security protocols strictly adhere to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of all information - we are fully HIPAA compliant. We can adjust to any transcription process or platform - from a simple file transfer method to a more complicated document management system. Our 4Mbps bandwidth ensures that we stay fully connected to our clients.


TTSI has an in-house training facility for Medical Transcriptionists and Editors, which is our primary source of additional capacity. We also developed an online training program called e-TTSI (e-Transcription Training Solutions and Innovations), which we use in partnership with schools and universities around the country, with the goal of developing a corps of quality medical transcriptions.

TTSI is a Solutions Provider, your Business Partner.

Memberships and affiliations:

  • Medical Transcription Industry Alliance (MTIA)
  • Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines (MTIAPI)
  • Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)