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About the

Cybersoft Network

We believe in delivering growth capabilities based on speed, agility and scale.

Cybersoft and its family of companies have successfully earned the trust of its client partners for over 25 years.  This has been realized through continuous utilization and deployments of Process Automation alongside its Knowledge and Technical Team members.  

What We Do:

  • Strike strategic collaboration with the client-partner on automation touch points to rationalize the upside of tactical technology improvements in driving margins, expectations, sharing tasks, responsibilities, and managing risk profiles of the enterprises.

  • Create a margin expansion engine for all parties.

  • Advance customer service built on top of institutional best practices in:

    • Business Process Operations to complement the customer journey and meet objectives (Organization, Workflow, Validations, Analytics and User Experience)

    • People to power-up collaborative processes and capabilities following strategy through agility, flexibility and continuous learning. (Knowledge-workers, IT & Application Development team members, Customer Services and Support team members, Analysts and Management Team)

  • Technology to support core functions and rapid development (incl., Security, Data Privacy, Performance, Scalability, Maintainability and Portability)

Cybersoft Inc. (USA)

Cybersoft Inc. is a California corporation and a pioneering enterprise in the industry verticals it serves. It serves as the marketing and liaison office for Cybersoft network companies, especially for clients that are based in the United States.


Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. (CCSI)

CCSI is the primary fulfillment center of Cybersoft, Inc. that was established in 1992 to focus on offshore outsourcing services to clients in the United States. 

CCSI, with its Data Content and Managed Services solutions has digitized client processes into technology that they own, manage and continuously improve – driving dramatic cost reductions

and increases in reliability. One of its in-house specialized services has been made for the

mortgage industry is SafeboxIQ, a document-centric service delivery platform.



TTSI is a healthcare information management documentation service provider. Clients and stakeholders are engaged through a combination of technology platforms, smart applications with holistic industry expertise, and broad functional skills. For more information, visit the company's website.


Cybersoft Integrated Geo Informatics, Inc. (CIGI)

​CIGI is the Philippines' leader on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mobile location-based services through products and services such as MyGlobe Tracker, CyberTrack,

CyberAce, LGU Plus, and



DataraQ Capture is a highly scalable and universal enterprise capture platform that enables organisations to automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data from incoming customer communications and operational processes – such as customer requests,

queries and transactions.

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