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Industry Solutions
You Can Depend On

Cybersoft companies continue to serve a diverse selection of industry verticals by delivering uniquely innovative solutions and application systems rooted in business process operations, process automation applications, emerging technologies, and its experienced, service-oriented, knowledge workforce.


By placing partner-customers’ objectives in the center of what it does, solutions to the more pressing challenges are delivered and sustained in industry verticals such as, Medical and Healthcare, Mortgage and Real Estate, Business Data Analytics, and Risk Management.

Medical and Health 

Pioneering developments in electronic medical records are initiated to promote ease of use and crisis readiness and improve the quality and efficiency of operational efforts. Using a combination of platform-based management and production support, Cybersoft's goal has been to increase and sustain margins and advance productivity, while improving patient experience.

Ensure your organization’s compliance to accurate documentation through data entry and verification, transcription, medical coding and billing, remote patient monitoring support and education.


Achieve efficiency and cost savings by availing managed services for other administrative functions as needed by your organization.

Mortgage Industry & Real Estate

SafeboxIQ (SBIQ) champions "Rationalized Underwriting" in a big way for both brokers and the lending enterprises. Through the years, in its quest to be recognized as the industry's "intelligent process assistant of choice",  SBIQ has gained significant industry adoption for its holistic, positive influence (and collaborative approach) to Productivity, Operational Excellence, Service Enablement, and Cost Management for the Loan brokers, the Lending Enterpsises and their respective service partners in critical areas like: 

  • Streamlined Origination

  • Document and Data Management

  • Data-You-Can-Trust Accuracy

  • Time-saving Workflow

  • "Easy-to-Review", "Ready-to-Consume" evidence-based reports

  • Risk Controls and Exemptions Handling

  • Collaboration Modules for Loan, Management, and Technical Teams 

  • Digital Agility (Scalability, Portability)

  • Pre-built integrations with industry leading LOS (Encompass)

  • Secure, Cloud-based installations

  • Orchestrated technology core (Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning assisted, business and application rules engine/algorithms)

  • Controllable expense model


Other apps for various value chains in the mortgage industry vertical (and even other real estate ) related processes are also being developed.


Managed services such as lead generation, third party orders, virtual assistance, and other back office support are also among the wide range of options that your business can avail of.


Regardless of the macro-economic environment, Lenders must remain cost effective no matter.  Consider how your enterprise's labor cost model can be methodically transformed from a "Fixed Cost" item to a "Variable Cost" item using a strategic resource management approach.

Learn more about SafeboxIQ

Business Data Analytics

In building and updating your database of entities and specific data, you'll need all the help you can get. Enlist our research teams to get all the information, using your database or by syncing with platform solutions that are customized for your consumption. 

Make sure that no detail seeps through the cracks by having a voice services team communicate to point of contacts to verify what is already acquired or update what may be outdated information.

Risk Management

Cybersoft has been an integral part of credit and risk management companies' process to build, maintain, monitor and update the data and information that goes into their risk assessment models, tools and products. Records where data are extracted from are public records (debts, loans, liens judgments, deeds, notice of defaults, foreclosures) and bankruptcy filings. 

Digital records as they are stored will also be at risk due to potential exposure of sensitive information. Enlist the help of a team of specialists using efficient processes and tools who will do the redaction instead of doing the tedious task on your own. 

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