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Service Delivery Platforms

These trusted service solution platforms rationalize the positive effects of technology on the enterprise, its business functions, operational processes, use cases, expectations and risk profiles.

As discoveries, analysis and governance scenarios are justified and approved by client business and technology leaders, Cybersoft companies are able to consistently deliver its services at a rapid pace by deploying the company’s knowledge and technical employees alongside process automation platforms.

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MedixWatch℠ service Platform is the company’s  focused response to Covid 19 pandemic-related events.


Users: Business Organizations, Local Government Units, their Healthcare Service Providers (i.e., Testing Centers, Isolation Facilities, Clinics, Hospitals and payers.


Benefits: Manages operational processes to ensure thorough data collection, controls, monitoring and maintenance are timely, readily available and actionable for the interconnected stakeholders.

Presents permissions-based, Covid 19-related state of the organization (business enterprise or local government units) for planning, follow-up, management, and reporting purposes.

Targeted Covid 19-related “Information-on-demand” reports and analytics tailored for practical and secure use by the organization, government and the individual (See MedixPass)

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MedixPass℠ is the mobile-enabled application that complements MedixWatch℠  to declare individuals and/or their respective organizations are “Sani-tagged”


Users: Business Organizations, Local Government Units and individual data subjects.

Benefits: Presents immutable, chronological chronicle of “shareable” Covid 19-related events and state-to-date of the individual

Empowers the individual (data subject) to possess and handle his/her “shareable” Covid 19-related events and state -  at-will, with employers, clients, family and other healthcare-related systems.


MedixHIS℠ is a powerfully integrated Hospital Information System with an easy-to-use, blockchain-secured Electronic Health Records module.

The system combines a wide range of hospital administration, financial and management processes at all points of care and billing.

The clinical Information system is integrated to accelerate both the patient’s and payers’ (private and government) billing (reimbursements) process accurately.

Features a readable, structured information for ease of maintenance, rapid searches, managed-sharing and remote access.


DataraQ Capture is a highly scalable and universal enterprise capture platform that enables organisations to automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data from incoming customer communications and operational processes – such as customer requests, queries and transactions. 

The platform provides value-added qualities to content delivery projects in terms of rapid deployment and in ensuring customer-leverage in data utilization specifically with respect to expediting the clients’ critical business cycles.

DataraQ establishes a new benchmark in state-of-the-art data conversion, through the inclusion of complex data capture algorithms, high-speed document image processing and recognition, work-flow load-balancing with accuracy and precision in processing multi-type and multi-format documents from various high-volume commercial and financial industry sources.


Established and developed by a team of experienced professionals in the mortgage, technology, and business process outsourcing industries, SafeboxIQ provides both strategic and tactical services that meet the needs of all types and sizes - from small broker organizations to large lenders. 

SafeboxIQ delivers quality and efficient document management through a comprehensive  platform with a multitude of industry-specific features. With the primary service of sorting , categorizing, and naming blobs of documents, it enables users to increase efficiency and capacity. Features include a virtual sandbox for submission, tools for collaboration, as well as intuitive reports and checklists.

SafeboxIQ also assists loan officers to increase their pre-qualification performance, by its Income Summary add-on. 

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The eClaims service delivery platform, established and developed by TTSI and Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. provides strategic support for the Philippine health services industry. 

The system is primarily utilized for the purposes of expediting the claims eligibility, submission, and verification process, as well as the seamless integration with existing systems that are currently in place. 

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