Content and Records Management

Operations and IT leaders at Cybersoft rapidly digitize their processes into technology that they own, manage and continuously improve – driving dramatic cost reductions and increases in reliability for its client-partners.

In multi-million page projects, these automation modules for the digital conversion and data extraction processes has minimized flawed analysis and results due to dirty data for our client-partners.

Such automation modules are applied in the realms of content and process services, as well as records management. Using the combined resources of technology platforms and a large pool of knowledge workers, some successful implementations by the Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. (CCSI) team and DataraQ include:


  • Digital Conversion and Data Extraction of printed and digital materials into XML files 
    • Academic journals

    • Scientific publications

    • Financial Reports

  • Automated Document Recognition, for unitization, categorization and indexing 

    • Common industry forms such as Bank statements, Paystubs

    • Government forms​ (Federal and State)

    • Identification Documents

    • Court documents, Public Records

    • Title Commitments and Preliminary Reports

    • Appraisal Reports

    • Purchase Contracts

  • Data fields capture

    • Templates u​Frame and Fixed Content 

    • Placeholders and anchors

  • Enterprise Forms Automation

    • Optical Mark Recognition​
    • ​Barcode

    • Health Records and Claims Processing

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