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Healthcare Support Services

Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. (CCSI) and TTSI. developed an integrated, scalable platform to power up digital transformation strategies around healthcare services, enabling those who are digitally enabled, and those who are not.

The entire digital health ecosystem is complemented by service support bundles that combine the technology platforms powering Cybersoft – TTSI’s Content and Records Management service with the in-depth experience, capabilities and diversity of its experienced, knowledge workers.

The eClaims service delivery platform, established and developed by TTSI, Inc. and Cybersoft Content Services, Inc. provides strategic support for the Philippine health services industry. ​The platform was developed for the purposes of expediting the claims eligibility, submission, and verification process, as well as the seamless integration with existing systems that are currently in place. 

The latest addition to our suite of “digital healthcare tools”  “MedixHIS℠”, “MedixWatch℠” and “MedixPass℠” strives to make health data more accessible to more entities, drive operational efficiencies, and deliver a more connected care experience to the patient, healthcare service providers, private organizations and government.(Read more about our System Platform)


System/Platform service model attributes include:


  • Data Security, Privacy and Protection foundation*

  • Network and Infrastructure Management*

  • Blockchain-enabled*

  • Data and Information Management (transmission and storage, core repository, back-ups, data relationships, business rules)

  • Multi-tenancy readiness

  • Business Processes 

    • Registrations

    • Scheduling

    • Patient Management

    • Resource Management (Hospitals)

    • Billing and Reimbursement

  • Integrated Services Management 

    • A.P.I.

    • 3rd-party service providers

    • Business organization interfaces

    • Government organization interfaces*

  • Data and Information (core repository, back-ups, data relationship, business rules)

  • Collaboration (dashboards, notifications)

  • Enterprise Services 

  • Presentation (user dashboards/portals, metrics and analytics)

  • Personalized, “permission-based” data subject views

  • Enterprise Services

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