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Recent developments in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  technology complemented by Database Management Systems and Cloud-based computing platforms have radically evolved from the traditional two-dimensional maps in terms of functional capabilities and possibilities for new types of applications that were previously rendered to be inconceivable. 

As data are accumulated from various sources from daily business and commercial activities, social media interactions, e-Governance, and other sources where data are constantly generated in massive volumes, the value of statistical information increases in terms of strategic impact.  

Use-case applications go beyond the individual capabilities of each component technology when integrated with live feeds and intelligent data capture sources such as with remote sensing and AI recognition components. Among the provided applications are the following:

  • Maps and location-based applications

  • Customized Geographic Information System (GIS) applications

    • GPS navigation systems

    • GPS tracking systems

    • GIS-specific consultancy

    • Field research survey services

  • Geo-Spatial Analytics​

  • Strategic Command and Control

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