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Mortgage Support Services

For over 10 years, Cybersoft has been successfully  providing support services to the mortgage industry (brokers, broker organizations and lending enterprises) through SafeboxIQ, ("SBIQ"), a service solution designed for its users to gain exceptional productivity advantages to close and get deals funded.


SBIQ simplifies complex, busy work for its users to have the right data for the right loan package to the right mortgage originators, servicers, and capital market participants at the right time .


SBIQ is powered by an accelerated, accurate, back-office workflow optimization, data capture, and validation process platform - all enabled by a technology core (a combination of orchestrated technologies in Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms) delivering operational benefits through optimized intelligent business processes and responsive workflow orchestration.


SafeboxIQ has the following features:

  • A powerful service platform for digital document management

  • Sorting of mortgage documents automatically

  • Analysis features through data extracted from documents

    • Income Analysis​

    • Asset Analysis (future development)

    • Transaction coordination (future development)

  • Digital 1003 - a feature to automatically fill up fields of the loan application from documents 

  • Automated checklists, reports, and collaboration tools

    • Gap analysis​ and needs list

    • Advanced Validation (future development)

  • Sandbox for submissions

  • Loan Origination System and Point-of-Sale integration

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